Magic Pain Cream is the highly sought after Lucy Cannabrew formulation that has attracted attention from around the globe.

This formulation is known for being effective in reducing inflammation while providing fast relief of many types of pain.

Treating inflammation and chronic pain in many forms.

    Muscle pain
    Post-surgical pain
    Joint pain
    and more...

An extremely effective pain cream carefully engineered from a carefully sourced high quality neutral base cream and strategically infused with many properties from Marijuana, Essential Oils and more. 

FAST-ACTING PAIN RELIEF IN JAR with out the need for addictive alternatives.

Category: Topical Cream
Cross/Genetics: Cannabis Infused
Effective For: Muscle, Joint Relief and other Chronic pain.
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Apply and rub a small amount over the affected area. If not relieved within 10 to 15 minutes, apply a second time for higher levels of pain relief.


CautionFor external use only
50ml cobalt blue 45.00
Sample clear jar 5.00
Magic Pain Cream
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